MaryAnne Belton, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist - Neuropsychology

Dr. Belton is a licensed psychologist specializing in neuropsychology. Her journey in psychology began with a natural interest in people, human behavior, and a curiosity about the correlation between life events, interpersonal relationships, and choices that shape who a person becomes. She earned a Bachelor’s degree with honors in psychology from Arizona State University and continued her educational journey by obtaining a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Ottawa University. After working with at-risk youth and their families for several years, Dr. Belton returned to the academic arena in the clinical psychology program at Argosy University, Phoenix. While at Argosy, she served as student government president for two years and worked closely with other disciplines to offer innovative opportunities for students to gain additional knowledge and give back to their community. Her educational tenure involved a practicum in Tucson at Neuropsychology LTD, where she performed neuropsychological evaluations with children, adults, and geriatric patients.

Dr. Belton completed her internship with Palm Beach County Youth Affairs, in West Palm Beach, Florida. After receiving her doctorate from Argosy, she returned to Arizona and rejoined the Neuropsychology LTD team. She completed a two-year postdoctoral residency and served as a consultant for HealthSouth Rehabilitation Facility. She has worked with a diverse patient population and has experience with evaluating various neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions, including: traumatic brain injuries, forms of dementia, seizure disorders, brain tumors, learning disabilities, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and cognitive impairment due to medical illness.

Dr. Belton is a member of the Arizona Psychological Association, Arizona Neuropsychological Society, International Neuropsychological Society, and the American Psychological Association. Dr. Belton’s area of specialty involves conducting neuropsychological evaluations for adult and geriatric populations. She provides on-site evaluations, which include a clinical interview, assessment administration, formal report, and a feedback session. By integrating current testing approaches and building upon patient’s strengths, Dr. Belton offers recommendations and suggestions to foster and promote individual patient needs. When she is not practicing neuropsychology, she enjoys going to the movies, dining at new restaurants, and exploring her passion for NBA basketball.

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Dr. Belton works with patients 16 years and older.

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