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We are always looking for new talent to join our team. If you feel you are up to the challenge we would love to hear from you. Visit our contact page to find the best method for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Spectrum Psychology and Wellness, LLC is looking to contract with a Licensed Psychologist (PhD/PsyD) to provide both counseling & assessment services to a diverse population. You must possess a valid independent license to practice as a Licensed Psychologist in the State of Arizona. You will also be required to have your own malpractice liability insurance. This position offers competitive compensation and opportunities for practice development.

Spectrum Psychology and Wellness, LLC is an insurance based and private-pay group practice with a diverse patient base composed of families, couples, and individuals. Spectrum Psychology and Wellness, LLC will provide contractors with business management services, as well as flexible hours, competitive compensation and a large referral base.

To apply please submit CV, cover letter and 3 professional references to


What is Spectrum Psychology and Wellness, LLC?
Spectrum Psychology and Wellness, LLC is an outpatient behavioral health and wellness group practice. We provide insurance based and private-pay services to a diverse population of patients.

What would our working relationship look like?
Our therapists are Independent Contractors who maintain a private practice through Spectrum Psychology and Wellness, LLC by subcontracting our business management services so they can focus on their patients. We will provide administrative support, facilities, practice management software, insurance billing, statements and collections. Benefits include flexible hours, access to phone and confidential voice messaging, internet service, office furnishing (if needed), marketing materials, insurance panel credentialing (if needed), and access to clinical staff for consultation.

Does Spectrum Psychology and Wellness, LLC offer flexible hours?
Practitioners are in charge of setting their own hours, though we require you maintain a minimum of 10 weekly billable clinical hours of your case load to cover business costs. Keep in mind that the more availability you have, the easier it will be for individuals to schedule appointments based on their needs. It is also helpful to remember that “off hours,” such as evenings and weekends are often in high demand.

What practice management software do you use?
Spectrum Psychology and Wellness, LLC utilizes TherapyAppointment™ for electronic medical records (EMR), which is HIPAA compliant, secure, file management software that allows you to manage a paperless practice anytime, anywhere, from any electronic device.

How are earnings distributed?
Practitioner’s earnings are based on a percentage of their collected billable hours. Thus, as an Independent Contractor, your earnings are directly based on your case load, with a percentage of your collected funds paying for your overhead costs (rent, support costs, etc).

How can I become part of Spectrum Psychology and Wellness, LLC’s group practice?
To apply please submit CV, cover letter and 3 professional references to