Caitlin Solmundson

Office Manager

Caitlin is from New York but moved to Arizona to attend Arizona State University for her bachelors degree and University of Arizona where she earned a master’s degree in Library Science.

She has worked as a librarian in several college, university, and corporate libraries where she planned and implemented collection development according to budget, built reference collections for new academic programs, and designed and led library in-services and classroom workshops on library use.

Caitlin has also been a corporate research analyst where she conducted extensive research to determine corporate structure for international business operations, worked with internal and external clients worldwide to ensure proper collection and reporting of business structures, and trained new employees.

Caitlin now serves as Spectrum Psychology and Wellness’ remote office manager and scheduler where she manages the day-to-day operations for several psychologists and Spectrum’s business director.

Caitlin lives in North Phoenix with her husband and two young children and lives for nap time when the house is finally quiet.