Jeff Lahann, MBA

Professional Coach

There is nothing more important to me than living an authentic life. For years, I lived a life defined by corporate and generational expectations. As a corporate director, I had the opportunity to work with multiple fortune 500 companies, and though I was very successful in my role, something deep inside kept telling me that I wasn’t being true to my authentic self.

Despite this inner itch that there was something more, I forged ahead believing I would achieve happiness if I could just find a way to stay energized by what I did. I studied all the latest leadership strategies and obtained advanced degrees in my field. However, it wasn’t until I began a personal study of who I was, what my foundational beliefs were, what I had innately always been drawn to, and what tended to naturally re-energize me that I began to realize I had somehow gotten far off track in personal fulfillment.

This journey of introspection was difficult for me, as it meant I had to reconcile moving away from “cultural and societal” defined success in order to redefine my own “personal” success. It was during this process that I discovered professional coaching, which aligned with the expansive tools I developed to truly discover my life purpose and passions.

I became so inspired by the change and rejuvenation in my own life, that I quickly wanted to share these tools with others. After seeing the positive impact of this self-discovery process in the lives of my close friends and family, I became deeply motivated to help others find their own passions and true self.

As a professional coach, I am committed to helping you find your own direction. When working with clients, I guide them in becoming more authentic to themselves and their values, as well as, more present in their relationships and in life.

Whether you are just starting out in your own life journey and want to make sure you are on your own trail, or you too somehow lost your way and are looking to navigate back to a more solid sense of fulfillment in your life, I can help. I hope you will join me, so that together we can define your version of authenticity and fulfillment.

I sincerely hope you will contact us today and discover the same joy that so many others have obtained by discovering what authentic living means to you.

If you are a new client, please download and complete my New Coaching Client Intake Packet and bring it with you to our first meeting.