Rachel Jensen, Ph.D

Doctoral Resident

Rachel joins Spectrum with her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Brigham Young University. She previously received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Brigham Young University, with a minor in family studies.

She is experienced working with young adults and issues of emerging adulthood. She worked at Brigham Young University’s counseling center in Provo, Utah, and the counseling center at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. She enjoyed working with the college student population and addressed many common concerns such as anxiety, depression, and homesickness, as well as family relationships and identity work.

Rachel has also worked with clients of many different ages and backgrounds, with diverse presenting concerns. Some of Rachel’s other areas of focus include anxiety, depression, family and relationship concerns, spirituality/belief-related work, adjustments/life transitions, stress management, and motivation.

Rachel previously worked at an emotion-focused clinic. She loves helping clients gain an understanding of their emotions while processing family dynamics, or past experiences that impact their present relationships and functioning. Rachel has also worked in a family clinic seeing many of her clients via telehealth. She values the flexibility teletherapy can provide to clients who would prefer that method of meeting.

One of Rachel’s main goals is to foster her client’s intentionality in how they live their life. She feels that through the process of therapy, clients can gain understanding and discover ways to move forward purposefully in life. Rachel is committed to providing a warm therapeutic relationship where clients feel understood, can process their life stories, and gain personal insights about themselves. She believes that changes come about naturally when people are given the right environment to thrive.

Rachel’s therapeutic work is informed by principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Dr. Jensen works with individuals 18 years and older.

Please note that our office does not prescribe medications; however, we would encourage and appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with your prescribing physician.

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