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Our therapists are independent contractors who maintain a private practice through Spectrum Psychology and Wellness, LLC. Subcontracting with Spectrum Psychology and Wellness allows us to take care of the business side of running a practice, so our practitioners can focus on what what they do best – taking exceptional care of their patients. Our approach is strength-based and person centered. Our intention is to meet the needs of the ever-evolving integrated healthcare landscape, adopting a multi-dimensional approach that explores the relationship between mental health and physical conditions.

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Licensed Behavioral Health Providers

(Full-Time or Part-Time)

Do you dream of starting your own private therapy practice? Do you want to choose the clients you work with and set your own hours?  Are you already in practice and dread the overhead and time-consuming work of dealing with billing, insurance companies, business development and management of running your current private practice?

Spectrum Psychology and Wellness is a group of independently contracted therapists that get to come in and do what they do best, THERAPY!  The Spectrum Support Team handles everything else.  Yes, that’s right, for an industry competitive fee split the Spectrum Support Team handles your billing, scheduling, patient contact, insurance verifications, records requests, and facility care and maintenance.  Your office rent, utilities, internet, fax service, phone system, and EHR software, are also completely covered.


Spectrum Psychology and Wellness, LLC is looking to 1099 contract with Licensed Behavioral Health Providers (or those in the process of getting licensed  at the Ph.D., PsyD, LAC, LPC, LCSW, LMFT levels) who specialize in working with children/adolescents, adults, couples, or families to provide full-time or part-time counseling to a diverse population. Trauma experience is a plus.

You must possess a valid independent license to practice as a Licensed Practitioner in the State of Arizona or in the process of seeking licensure. You will also be required to have your own malpractice liability insurance. Spectrum is an insurance and private-pay group of independent practitioners with a diverse patient base.

Spectrum Psychology is now approved to supervise LAC’s.

If you want to develop your private practice with backend office support alongside a team of highly skilled practitioners, look no further.

To apply please submit CV, cover letter and 3 professional references to

I like Spectrum for the access to resources and help (i.e. shared drive, team meetings, knowledgeable coworkers), the work environment/culture–very positive, ethical and helpful, and the transparency in communication (i.e. when there are issues with insurance, etc.).
Sarah Koop, LPC

Current partner at Spectrum

It’s a wonderful team of people to work with. The team meetings leave me feeling so grateful for the kindness, experience, and support shared. I love being able to direct clients to the office management for billing and insurance questions. It keeps the therapeutic relationship therapeutic and takes a weight off the therapist’s shoulders.  The autonomy here is fantastic. The scheduling accommodates my life, and the office decor reflects my style.  You get the main perks of independent practice while having the support of a whole team and office management.  It’s a phenomenal set-up.

Rachel Jensen, Ph.D

Current partner at Spectrum

I feel like I get the best of both worlds at Spectrum. I get to have a private practice where I control my schedule/caseload and I get the support of a team environment.   The administrative support is amazing. From getting new clients set up to navigating insurance issues, the admin team takes care of everything, which helps to reduce so much stress.  The ability to give in-house referrals is great too.

Mercedes Anderson, Ph.D

Current partner at Spectrum

What I apprecaite about working with Spectrum is the autonomy, support, and relationships with colleagues.

Leslie O'Neill, Phd

Current partner at Spectrum

I enjoy working at Spectrum because of the supportive environment, the diversity in clinical perspectives when consulting with providers, and the flexibility with our schedules.

Indra Gonzalez, Psy.D

Current partner at Spectrum

I enjoyed the flexibility and accommodations for working families, a professional and warm work space, and variety in terms of expertise to draw from among colleagues.

Sally McGregor, PsyD

Former partner of Spectrum

FAQs for Interested Mental Health Practitioners

What is Spectrum Psychology and Wellness, LLC?

Spectrum Psychology and Wellness, LLC is an outpatient behavioral health and wellness group practice at two locations (Gilbert and Mesa). We provide insurance based and private-pay services to a diverse population of patients.

How did Spectrum get started?

The idea behind Spectrum Psychology and Wellness started when Rebbeca (the psychologist) brought a business-related question to Jeff (the business guy) about her private practice.  Jeff asked her what the answer was from “the class” in her graduate program that taught her how to run the business side of a private practice.  When Rebbeca looked at him blankly, Jeff realized there was an opportunity to help other mental health practitioners, like Rebbeca, run their private practices in a way that let the practitioners do what they do best, help people, and leave all the business development, support services, and non-therapy goop to business types like him.  Spectrum opened its doors shortly after in 2014 to provide all the support services for therapists in a group practice setting with the motto, “You do what you do best, and we do the rest!”

What would our working relationship look like?

Our therapists are Independent Contractors who maintain a private practice through Spectrum Psychology and Wellness, LLC by subcontracting our business management services so they can focus on their patients. We will provide administrative support, facilities, practice management software, insurance billing, statements and collections. Benefits include flexible hours, access to phone and confidential voice messaging, internet service, office furnishing (if needed), marketing materials, insurance panel credentialing (if needed), and access to clinical staff for consultation.

Does Spectrum Psychology and Wellness, LLC offer flexible hours?

Practitioners are in charge of setting their own hours, though we require you maintain a minimum of 10 weekly billable clinical hours of your case load to cover business costs. Keep in mind that the more availability you have, the easier it will be for individuals to schedule appointments based on their needs. It is also helpful to remember that “off hours,” such as evenings and weekends are often in high demand.

What practice management software do you use?

Spectrum Psychology and Wellness, LLC utilizes TherapyAppointment™ for electronic medical records (EMR), which is HIPAA compliant, secure, file management software that allows you to manage a paperless practice anytime, anywhere, from any electronic device.

Why should I pay a fee split?

Most group practices do some fee split, but we do ours a bit differently. Your fee split at Spectrum covers all the overhead expenses typically associated with running your private practice, including rent, facility insurance, utilities, internet, office manager, business director, patient scheduling, billing, EHR, marketing, website, business development, and case consultations. If you add up all those individual costs you would pay to run your private practice, we typically find that our fee splits are competitive or better. Plus, that fee split removes all the headaches of dealing with insurance companies, sitting on hold for hours tracking down missed payments, and the unfun stuff therapists typically don’t care for. So think about the fee split as paying for your peace of mind and tranquility in knowing that when you leave for the day, everything is taken care of for you.

How are earnings distributed?

Practitioner’s earnings are based on a percentage of their collected billable hours. Thus, as an Independent Contractor, your earnings are directly based on your case load, with a percentage of your collected funds paying for your overhead costs (rent, support costs, etc).

How can I become part of Spectrum Psychology and Wellness, LLC’s group practice?

To apply please submit CV, cover letter and 3 professional references to: