Coaching and consulting services at Spectrum Wellness

Coaching and Consulting Services

Coaching and Consulting at Spectrum Wellness in Gilbert & Mesa, AZ

Please note that insurance does not typically cover coaching sessions.

Assisting individuals with identifying and obtaining goal-based direction in their life to help them achieve more authentic living and their highest level of individual success through the use of a coaching and consulting model.

Hello, I’m Jeff Lahann, BS., MS., MBA., founder of Spectrum Coaching and Consulting and member of Spectrum Psychology and Wellness, LLC. I have training in the Adler coaching method, and have completed the following courses:

  • Foundations of Professional Coaching
  • Coaching Conversation in the Context of Work
  • Moving Toward Artful Coaching

My practice focuses on the use of technology and organizational tools to help you declutter your life and discover what it is you truly value. Often times we get so caught up in the outside world’s definition of success, we do not take the time to reflect for ourselves what it truly means to be happy and fulfilled. This lack of personal definition leads to feelings of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, inadequacy, anger, depression, and stress. Taking the time to examine these feelings, and question outside beliefs, however, puts us on a path toward living an authentic and fulfilled life.

How Coaching and Consulting Works

At Spectrum Coaching and Consulting, we utilize a variety of methods to help you determine your definition of a fulfilled life, what it means for you to live authentically. More importantly, we give you the tools to:

Find your core values and explore your purpose in life.

Set and achieve personal and professional goals.

Develop personal and professional time management and organizational systems.

Use technology to improve productivity and achievement.

Form and maintain positive and productive habits.

Simplify life and improve value.

Our unique approach to personal accountability and focus on achieving sustainable results sets us apart from other coaching and consulting firms. To us, happiness and fulfillment is not about work/life balance; It’s about living an authentic life and taking a holistic approach to work/life integration that supports the whole you at home, at work, and play.

Jeff Lahann, MBA

Jeff Lahann, MBA

Professional Coach

Coaching and Consulting Areas of Focus

No one teaches you how to live life. There is no manual. Outside pressures and expectations, information overload and its continual onslaught, and the need to manage time, distractions, family and work can often wreak havoc on our focus and efficiency. We fail to pay attention to our intrinsic ideals and purpose until we find ourselves out of alignment with our core values and beliefs.

At Spectrum Coaching and Consulting, our goal is to help you find your authentic self and live an authentic life. We concentrate our time around three main areas that lead to authenticity and fulfillment:

  1. Finding Purpose – What do I truly want to do?
  2. Goal Work – Defining goals and determining how success looks
  3. Finding Self – Who am I now and who do I want to be?

Throughout our relationship, we utilize a variety of tools to help you:

  • Discover the answers to the above questions and the many more that will arise
  • Create systems that will support you in changing your habits and living an authentic life
  • Get in touch with what you truly want and value
  • Design and develop organizational and productivity systems
  • Organize and declutter your personal and professional space
  • Understand your core values and how you got them
  • Understand your beliefs and live them unconditionally
  • Promote work/life integration to manage conflict and prevent cascading issues
  • Reduce stress and improve peace of mind and job productivity
  • Manage distractions and promote efficiency and personal accountability

Coaching and consulting could be for you if you:

  • Are burnt out and looking for something more meaningful
  • Have lost- or never found -your way/purpose/meaning
  • Are looking to understand the “why” of life
  • Are just beginning a career
  • Need help setting goals and maintaining accountability

Please note that insurance does not typically cover coaching sessions.

Reach your goals & maximize your potential.