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Save money with a new client coaching package from Jeff Lahann

The Coaching Relationship

In the coaching relationship, we often use metaphors to explain ideas, thoughts, or feelings. My most potent metaphor, which I use in my practice and life, is the compass. The value of the compass is that no direction is inherently wrong, and no direction is intrinsically right: it depends on where you are and where you want to go.

That being said, I would enjoy the opportunity to help you in your self-discovery. I am offering a special introductory Coaching Package to welcome new clients.

New Client Welcome Package

The New Client Welcome Package includes three coaching and consulting sessions:

Session 1

Coaching: Initial 1 hour onboarding session in which we get to know each other and define a specific issue in your personal or professional life you would like to coach around. Take-aways might include: a game plan for the week, areas of awareness, and session note reminders, if applicable.

Session 2

Consulting: A 45 min consulting session in which we review your week and dig into the details of your situation to find solutions and implement change. Takeaways might include a metaphorical tool for your toolbox that helps you tackle the next time you face your challenging situation.

Session 3

Coaching: A 45 min debrief session centered on how you feel about the issue you chose and the changes you implemented. Takeaways might include a plan for maintaining your new habits, a basic strategy for your next steps, and scheduling additional sessions if desired.

The New Client Welcome Package is a $495.00 value made available for $375.00. Click below to reserve your New Client Welcome Package.

Please note that insurance does not typically cover coaching sessions.

Get Started

New Client Welcome Package

Reduced Coaching Fees for Continuing Clients

Often clients find that receiving coaching around a specific issue leads to inquiry and thought about the area of their life in which this issue exists. As such, they often wish to explore deeper into those areas. To facilitate this, I am offering the following fee reduction to help my clients reach their goals. Click below to reserve additional coaching sessions.


    Weekly 45-Minute Sessions

    $90 / session


    Bi-Monthly 60-Minute Sessions

    $125 / session


    Monthly 75-Minute Sessions

    $165 / session

    Please note that insurance does not typically cover coaching sessions.